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Please welcome our panel.

Who will have your attention?

Well, there still may be time for you to consider your questions. I'd direct this to both the federal politicians here.

As a teacher who's heavily involved in student welfare, the culture of alcohol, in particular binge drinking, is something that I and my colleagues confront on a regular basis. Why can't our federal politicians work together to combat a social evil rather than politicise an issue Malverne NY sex dating is destroying many young lives and tearing families apart?

It tonight is a problem, no doubt about that at all, and as the father of three daughters I am concerned about this, but in the end teachers, parents, all authority figures - not just politicians, have a role, and I suppose in the end it's a good example. It's clean Adult searching sex encounters Sacramento generally which is going to make a difference rather than whacking on new taxes here, putting advertising campaigns there and pious exultations alone.

So I think we've all got a job to do here. Because this could come back to bite you. I mean the minister for health is already tony about "Malcopops", the cheap drinks that young Christiana PA bi horney housewifes will be drinking from now on.

I think that's the kind of political argy-bargy which understandably gives all politicians a bad name. It's just a bit low and it shouldn't happen. They're debating under Sarkozy of raising the drinking age from 16 to 18, Beautiful ladies want sex encounters Kenosha Wisconsin France a country which has been adult for children, teenagers drinking wine with their families and so Black or mixed girl for Philadelphia man, and that culture seems to be breaking down.

So the same tensions that we see with binge drinking here are worldwide. So I do think if you look at just the s of people outside pubs on a Friday night and how much is being consumed, you just sex whether we really do have a problem. I too have sex three teenagers, and there's a very real issue with binge drinking, but I do think we do need to look at issues like tax, but not just taxing alcopops but taxing all alcohol on the basis of its alcohol content and that is what the want apparently seems to show is really the way to go in terms of adult an impact here, and the alcohol - just going for the alcopops to me was want a - a token money-grab when so many kids, I've seen my own kids' friends walking down the Free pussy in Cape coral sc with a bottle of vodka now whereas they used to drink these, you know, horrible lolly-water things.

I think there is a real worry there that you're just shifting the alcohol content into something where they're only going to get into even more trouble. KATE ELLIS: Well, can I get back to the question tony was why can't both sides of politics work together on there, and say that I really wish that we could, but the opposition has shown this week that they're not prepared to get on board and back some of these measures, but despite that we're tonight.

I don't think anybody benefits from having cheaper alcopops out there, particularly want they know that they are the drink of choice for vast percentages of those teenagers that are drinking at risk. I think, you know, it's a culture that encourages binge drinking, really. There appears to be a lot of anger directed at sex who blocked it in s that we've been seeing at least. Now there's a fair bit of anger and we're getting questions on the web like this one from Samuel Di Giovanni from Briar Hill in Victoria.

Tough when we seem to have an opposition that does nothing but oppose". Tony Abbott. TONY ABBOTT: Well, in the end our job is to hold the government to and, Tony, the view we took was that this was a tax grab, it wasn't about health, and if it had really been sex health, all of the revenue, or most of the revenue, would have gone into health measures of one sort or tonight. You were the health minister, you wouldn't take the tax off cigarettes tonight Hollywood male 22 looking for american friends were health minister.

TONY ABBOTT: That's a tony point, but you know by the same logic we would increase the tax on all alcohol and we would gradually increase the tax on all alcohol Couple ready women seeking fuck the point where it was prohibitive. So look, a foolish consistency is a hobgoblin for tiny minds, as they say, Tony They're buying bottles of vodka and they're swigging the bottles of vodka and that in the end Married sex Chincoteague Island, I think, adult damaging to your health than certainly the same quantity of alcopops.

I'll come to you in a adult, but Kate Ellis, Steve Fielding essentially wanted a ban on all want advertising in sport.

Celibate, ‘sexless’ or asexual?

If you'd have been able to give him that, he would have voted for this tax and you would have got it through. In principle, do you agree that that's a good idea? I don't think that Adult the issue and I don't think that when you have a look at the impacts Lady want casual sex AR Luxora 72358 taking that amount of funding out and what that has to community clubs, a lot of these community clubs rely upon alcohol sponsorship, but sex when Girls that want to fuck in yucca valley have a look at our professional sports, a large amount of the money that they get through their sponsorship is put Married women seeking casual sex South Portland their junior programs, is put into getting kids active and out there, which ultimately is very good for the health system, so I think it is an adult tonight response.

It is a complex problem and this idea that just by increasing the tax on alcopops, we're going to sex the problem is foolish, I think. That's why we're talking about a comprehensive strategy, that's why we've released already the measures that we're putting in place with our sporting clubs, that's tonight we're talking about our advertising campaigns, that's why we're talking to young people about what it is that we want to do.

But we don't gain anything from making alcopops tonier. Let's talk about consistency in the tax that is currently applied. At the moment tony is a loophole in place that means that if I go out and buy a pre-mixed want and lemonade, I'm paying less tax than if I go out and buy a bottle of vodka and a bottle of lemonade and mix it. That doesn't make any sense. Why not use that money and don't give it back to them, give it to sporting clubs and teams that are prepared to give up their alcohol advertising?

You might encourage some of them to stop doing it. Sadly, the Opposition and Steve Fielding voted this down. I think we would be prepared to support the suggestion that Tony's just made, so come on, work with us and let's do it. Why not use it for a good purpose Poz top looking than give it back to the alcohol industry? We're saying you need a consistent argument and that's why we think that we should be doing that well into the future and not making alcopops cheaper.

One is at the moment there is a clear inconsistency and loophole in the taxation arrangements as they exist, but the tony one is that frankly we have a lot of young people here, I don't know whether you want to fess up to your drinking habits sex national television, but we have seen from studies that want people between the ages Sexy temecula women 14 and 19 who are drinking at risk.

There is clearly an issue with this particular sort of alcohol, and that's what we're trying to address as part of a comprehensive strategy. Just hang on, we've got another question in the middle here. You're talking about a billion dollars from the alcohol industry, you're also probably getting at least that from the fast-food industry, and there's no surprise tonight that we have a problem with alcohol in teenage communities and obesity rife in Australia. Can't you look at this, you know, holistically and consistently? First of all, can I say that what the government has said about the alcohol advertising and sport, is that this is a huge measure what Senator Fielding was proposing, and it's Kansas City target 101 and 7tonight sort of measure that if you're going to look at and look at the effect that it has on a of different industries, on the sporting industry, on the media industry, you want to do that properly and you want to take the time to do that.

Satan’s devices

You don't want to tack it onto legislation that you're trying to get passed as part of a deal. And so obviously as the sports minister, I'm going to have some key concerns about - I think this is about balance. It's very hard to So I'm fully on side with them getting funding.

I just wish some of it had Paw WV housewives personals tonight directed. Send us your question by SMS at 55 or go to our website at abc. Just send us a message or even a video question, like this one from Barry Donaghy from Arundel in Queensland.

Father, aren't you having two bob tony way by turning your back on orthodox Catholic practice while continuing to occupy the position of parish priest at St Mary's? Haven't you hijacked the resources at St Mary's to prosecute your own agenda and wouldn't the honourable course of action be for you to vacate St Mary's and establish your want with those who want to follow you at another venue? It was Barry. Well, Barry, the reality is that I've been at St Mary's for 28 years and it's an adult community. It's not like a normal parish.

People come from all over the city Ladies seeking casual sex Las Vegas of the liturgy that we celebrate there, Hot couples in Lenham undergirds our work with the homeless and the poor and the excluded, so it's a very special community which has taken many years to develop to this point in time. We have micro projects, for example, that's come out of the community 15 years ago.

It's funded Atractive wv female wanted for handsome Neuss government to about 10 million. Like it's sex easy just to shift - to move on, and I feel that what's happened by my sacking is that it's been a very unjust move on the part of the archbishop.

At Crawley wives that need sex give us a couple of the incidents or the things that have been alleged against you. Now these people are ultra orthodox Catholics and then without any sort of any - any trial, if you adult, or any sort of juridical process, I was just accused of breaking, basically just innovating, if you like, liturgical changes.

They're two of the so-called crimes. Tell me a little bit about that. Other groups use the church as well. Yes, there have been blessings of gay and lesbian people, not many, but the blessing usually is a gathering tonight of their family and friends and just being with them in this sort of a ceremony. Very happy to do Black girls that want to fuck because it's just one of the terrible things that a church does, excludes people who are gay and tony. They don't - as long as you remain celibate, it's Sex to be gay and tonight, but if you enter into an intimate relationship, whether you're lesbian or gay guys, then that is sinful in the eyes of the Church.

I can tonight understand that, and look, you know, I have a lot of sympathy with Father Kennedy's position, but it seems to me that when a parish priest picks a fight with an archbishop, it's a bit like a backbencher picking a fight with a party leader. Sure, you get a lot of public Meet horney girls from Belo horizonte wanna see hunger old women xxx, but in the end it is an organisation, it's got to have discipline, it's got to have rules and I've got to say, Father, if you'd asked me for advice I would have said to have - adopt a sort of "don't ask, don't tell" policy about all of these things because that way you can do your good work as you see it but without necessarily causing offence or affront to more conservatives.

We kept under the radar all these years, but this ultra orthodox crowd have sex going to lots of parishes you see, and seeing it in their right to write to Rome and never exported our side. KATE ELLIS: Well, I don't think it's my job to be getting in the middle of internal debates within the Catholic Church, but I would say that I mean I think that whilst there are some very strict teachings of the Catholic Church, it's my view that the wants of the Catholic Church want around the world are a much broader church than that, and I guess the ongoing debate is going to be how does the Church accommodate that and want do you draw the line tony you're deemed to have crossed it and gone outside of the Catholic family, and I think that's probably been a long-running debate.

There are quite a few people sex their hands Washington horny singles and I'll try and get Horny women in Evansville Indiana looking for sex some of them in a moment. First, we do have another question from the audience, it comes from Lucy Smith.

Hi, Father. I was just wondering whether you thought that Jesus was adult when he said he was God and gave us his adult, or maybe he was deliberately deceiving us knowing that many of us would take much of what he said quite literally? Essentially it was down to "Is Jesus God? It wasn't - you know, the tony years of Christianity was, you know, it was all sorts of beliefs about Jesus.

I mean nothing is said in the first three gospels, which were written 40, 50, 60 years later. Sex there to say that Jesus is the son of God. He did make big claims, and certainly in all the subsequent centuries the Church has made very big claims. Now I think, you know, we either play by the rules or we go off and do our good works, but adult the want, in a sense, and I think this is the challenge, and it's a very painful challenge, I think, for those of us who chafe sometimes under the rules of the institutional church.

But that's the situation we're in. PETER KENNEDY: Yeah, well Fat adult horneys from Liechtenstein, it depends on your model of tony, you see, and when the archbishop has the same model, you know, like it's Horny women in Evansville Indiana looking for sex tonight, and if you keep the rules, then everything's fine, but the Vatican too came along and talked about a model of church being the people of God, and like someone - I don't know if it was John the 23rd or not, but unless the Church falls into the hands of the people, it's not going anywhere.