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To some, they are objects of empowering modern feminism. To others they are an example of misogynistic male fantasy. To yet others Cougars quicky Norcross are simply titillating.

Rugged And Sensual Man For Younger Woman

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Subscriber active since. Whether you're simply looking for a date or hoping to find something Horny wanna fix that lasts, you could benefit from the decades of psychological research on the qualities that women find most attractive in a male partner. Rutgers University anthropologist and best-selling author Helen E.

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It is a safe bet that few women ever wanted to mother Clint Eastwood. The steely, narrowed eyes.

The rugged jawline. The thin-lipped sneer. This is the face of a man to save the homestead from marauding Indians, to stare down an outlaw in a saloon. But not to cuddle. Now, take Paul McCartney--he of the doe eyes, chipmunk cheeks and teddy bear chin. The man is adorable. The faces of Eastwood and McCartney represent the two extremes in male facial types, each of which, psychologists argue, elicits its own distinctive emotional reactions.

People with facial features characteristic of infants bring out the same feelings of nurturing and compassion that babies do. Men Fucking brazilian from Paradise mature, masculine features, on the other hand, convey vigor and sexual power.

This much is conventional wisdom.

But writing in the latest Married wife looking nsa Minneapolis St Paul of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, three researchers led by University of Louisville psychologist Michael Cunningham argue that the differences in male facial types may also serve to explain that oldest of questions: Why are women attracted to men?

Citing recent behavioral experiments, the researchers present a controversial theory they call the multiple motive hypothesis. Women prefer men, in other words, whose faces inspire both their inclination to nurture and their desire for a sexually mature partner.

They want men they can cuddle like McCartney and cling to like Eastwood. They like Robert Redford big eyes and strong jaw over Michael Jackson no chin. They like Mel Gibson a god over Al Pacino nose much, much too big.

Simpson and Tom Selleck also qualify as perfect scores, according to the researchers. This theory is not about true love, of course.

Why one woman or man becomes truly committed to another from a host of factors of which facial attractiveness is only one. Nor is it about body shape, which obviously plays its own Horny moms in Los Angeles tx role. This is about faces that trigger that first quickening of the pulse, that first hint of longing, that weakening of the knees.

This is about Wow! The implications of the theory are enormous. Moreover, the psychologists maintain that their experimental allow them to quantify the components of male attractiveness. They can predict, down to the hundredth of Who wants to fuck in Fort Steilacoom tonight millimeter, what the most attractive eye size is, what turns a chin from a liability into an asset and how big a nose a man can carry before women start to look away.

Good grooming habits

There may be some universal principles of attractiveness. The idea that faces fall into types and Ladies want real sex MN Alden 56009 those types can in turn inspire strong emotions is not a new one in behavioral psychology. Mature-faced men, by contrast, are perceived as being stronger, shrewder and more dominant. In a long study of courtroom trials, Zebrowitz found that the more baby-faced the defendant looked, the more likely he was to be acquitted of crimes involving intentional misconduct.

However, in keeping with the image of baby-faced naivete and weakness, defendants of that type were more likely to be found guilty when charged with negligent behavior.

For mature-faced types, the exact reverse was true. To do this, he and his colleagues gathered head-and-shoulders photographs of young men and showed them to large groups of mainly white, Wife wants nsa Black Lake women, asking them to rank the pictures using a variety of attractiveness scales.

Then the researchers broke down the faces into 25painstakingly measuring the dimensions of each feature to determine which part of the face correlated best with high attractiveness scores. The --which were substantially the same for both the white women and later studies with groups of Latino, Asian and black women--found larger-than-average eyes to be the most important factor. Big, baby-like eyes suggest spontaneity, innocence, vulnerability. Wide cheeks and high cheekbones--als of male physical maturity and strength--also are good.

But so are smiles, which have nothing to do with sexual maturity and are a universal al of joy, responsiveness and sociability. High-status clothing--dark suits with a tie--seem to help, as does shorter hair, both of which could be interpreted as symbols of achievement.

Look for someone "in your league."

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